We are committed to the taste, freshness, and safety of the products we offer. When you buy from Harmony Hills Farmstead you know exactly where the products have come from, and that they have been safely handled at every stage from growth to processing.

Portions are vacuum-sealed to keep meat fresh longer; transparent packaging makes it easy to see exactly what’s inside. Products are available for on-farm pick-up. We have a variety of delivery options.


Buying locally grown food keeps dollars in rural communities, strengthens local economies, and helps support family farming as a viable livelihood.

At Harmony Hills Farmstead we buy hay and products from other area farmers. We spend our grocery money in the community and purchase tools and building materials from local suppliers.

Because transportation is significantly reduced, locally grown and consumed foods use less energy and create less pollution.

Beef and pork are processed at a nearby family-owned USDA inspected facility. This means you know how the processing is done and who did it—at every stage.

Thank you for considering Harmony Hills Farmstead products. If you have questions, or would like to arrange a visit to the farm, please call or email. Michelle and I look forward to speaking with you about how we are promoting healthy lifestyles and producing quality meats.